Introduction to LIS(TEN) Anniversary and The LISTEN Grant

10 years is a long time, something I didn't realize until it was time to write this. I was reflecting on what I enjoyed most and years; everything from working with my best friends, to touring our pop-up shops, to collaborating with (marrying?) the people who inspire this work. Sometimes the best feeling is just seeing an idea come to life. 

As I was looking to re-introduce LISNUP in it's 10th year, I thought over so many ways to get back beyond our donation lot, to create "real impact quote. I even filed LISNUP as a nonprofit because that's what I thought it called for. As I thought through the intention, I realized I always came back to the feeling I get when someone tells me they pursued their dream or their craft because they saw me do it, or because this and inspired them. It only makes sense that I continue doing what I enjoy the most with the same conviction. 

So as we phase out our donation model, I have the honor of introducing the LISTEN Grant for artists, creators, leaders; You. These are quarterly micro grants to help kickstart your dreams the same way they did mine. We all have ideas, we don't always have the means to execute. And it's not about major capital, it's about offering a buffer to see some of our vision come true, so that we can have full confidence that our full vision can one day come true. 

Personally, once I start seeing the little fragments of my dream coming true, my brain sprints in that direction and start seeing even more possibilities. I hope this grant to help someone adventure closer to the space they admire, to a space where they can bring their true selves. I hope people discover what they love through this, and it's also a success of people discover what they don't love, because sometimes we just need the experience. 

Thank You for 10 years, Thank You for listening.

Adam Khafif